Earthy Body: Hair Care

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Alaffia Conditioner's
$ 19.95
After a nourishing cleanse with Alaffia's Fair Trade Shampoo leave your hair soft, shiny and manageable with Alaffia's PH restoring...
Alaffia Shampoo's
$ 19.95
For naturally shiny, luscious and sweet smelling hair you can't go past Alaffia's Fair Trade Shampoo range that gently washes...
Biologika Organic Coconut Conditioner
$ 10.95
Who doesn't want shiny, luscious, soft hair that smells like an island holiday? You don't have to book a trip...
Biologika Organic Coconut Shampoo
$ 10.95
Don't just wash your hair, deeply cleanse and nourish it with natural, organic ingredients that your hair and body craves...