BioChef - Arizona 6 or 9 Tray Non Stick Sheets


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Dehydrating food is becoming a commonplace practice today with more and more households focusing on healthy living. Dehydrating foods creates a wonderful flavour that is often unreached via other methods. If you enjoy dehydrating foods for yourself or for your family, look no further than the BioChef Non Stick Dehydrating Sheet.

Dehydrating foods, such as moist fruits, can be a messy experience, making cleaning up a dreaded time. Now, with the BioChef Non Stick Dehydrating Sheets, cleaning up is a breeze. Purposefully designed to fit your BioChef Dehydrators, these Non Stick Dehydrating Sheets are suitable for the BioChef Arizona 6 or 9 Tray Food Dehydrator and are reusable, washable and are BPA Free, helping the environment while saving you money.

Creating your favourite foods, like fruit roll ups, snack bars, pizza bases, raw cakes, slices and biscuits and even flatbreads, is no longer a difficult, chaotic job. The BioChef Non Stick Dehydrating Sheets ensure that your sticky, moist foods peel right off the sheet, and then all you have to do is wash it and use it again.

Making delicious, healthy alternatives for yourself, your partner or – especially – your kids, is at its easiest. With the Biochef Non Stick Dehydrating Sheets, you can bid farewell to messy clean ups and messy preparation, while still being able to create your favourite foods.

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