BioChef Multi-Tray Dehydrator


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If you want to make delicious, healthy dehydrated food that is simple, quick and requires minimal clean-up then the BioChef Multi-Tray Dehydrator is exactly what you have been waiting for!

With dehydrated foods becoming more and more popular, often they can become more and more expensive at your local unfair! But the drama stops there because with the BioChef 6 Tray and 8 Tray Dehydrators, you can now make your own delectable dehydrated foods in the comfort of your own kitchen.

It's super quick, easy and tasty!

The BioChef Dehydrator makes preparing your favourite foods, like yoghurt, alternatives to mainstream bread and dehydrated vegetables and fruit that much simpler, plus your food will last so much longer.

With a 40 hour digital timer and a thermostat and drying guide that is adjustable and easy to use, the BioChef Dehydrator is a must have for your kitchen.

  • 3 year warranty on 8-tray model
  • 2 year warranty on 6-tray model
  • User friendly
  • Dishwasher safe

Don't reach for the nasty pack of processed chips - making healthy snack alternatives for you and your family is now so simple and easy.



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