Digital Multimeter - QM 1529 with Alligator Clips


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Have you ever been curious as to just how much electricity is coursing through your veins on a daily basis? 

What about when you are earthed using your earthing sheet or mat - would you like to know the difference to the amount of voltage you are being exposed to when not earthed?

This nifty little multimeter with alligator clips allows the voltage readings to be low enough to give an accurate reading.  When you are earthed you want your voltage to be less than 1 volt.  Most earthing products, when used correctly should show a reading of 0.0xx - exact readings depend on individuals and placement around other electrical items.

Scary situation: I was sitting on my lounge with my mobile phone plugged into the phone charger and I was holding my phone - my voltage reading was 53 volts! I then put my feet on my earthing mat and the voltage dropped dramatically - it was still reading 2.4 volts - which is still high but as you can imagine quite a lot better. As soon as I unplugged my mobile from the power, the voltage (while on the mat) dropped down to 0.02 volts!

If I didn't have a multimeter I wouldn't have even given it a thought and I would have been causing a great deal of stress to my body.

If you are considering getting an earthing mat or sheet, seriously consider getting yourself one of these handy little gadgets :-)

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