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Earthing patches can be attached near an injury, pain, wound or area of acute pain to accelerate the healing process and reduce local inflammation and discomfort. They are a way to concentrate earthing into a small area.

These are similar to the ECG/EKG electrode patches commonly used by doctors. When used for Earthing, you simply apply them to the skin on some part of the body, such as a site of tenderness or pain. Patches are wonderful for targeting pain in areas that may be hard to reach, or practitioners often place them on acupuncture points. Athletes find Earthing patches especially beneficial for recovery from common injuries and strains.

Please note: This product does not come with a Coil cord or Adaptor Plug which you need in order to connect the band to the Earth. If you are new to Earthing you may want to purchase The Body Band Kit which includes cords & plugs.

Benefits of Earthing Patches

  • recovery from common injuries and strains
  • relief to those suffering with arthritis
  • heightened athletic recovery
  • accelerate wound healing 
  • reduce stiffness and pain

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    Please Note: Instructional video references US Standard Plugs/Adapters, however part ships with Australian Standard Plugs/Adapters. 

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