Organic Cotton Earthing Throw (Blanket) Kit


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The Organic Cotton Earthing Throw (Blanket) Kit is a soft, comfortable, organic semi-blanket/semi-sheet.

With a variety of uses, the Organic Cotton Earthing Throw can be used as a bottom or top blanket in your bed, as a mediation rug or even just to cuddle up with on the lounge. The Organic Cotton Earthing Throw (Blanket) Kit can even be used in a baby’s cot – so long, of course, as the lead is tucked firmly out of the way.

The Organic Cotton Earthing Throw (Blanket) Kit is designed so that the white side, highlighted with silver thread is conductive, while the other side is not, for your convenience.

To use, simply plug in to a power outlet and snap the other end of the Earthing Cord into the receptor of the Organic Cotton Earthing Throw. Ensure your bare skin has direct contact to the sheet for optimal effect.

The Organic Cotton Earthing Throw is easy to use and clean. Simply machine wash, either cold or warm (40 degrees Celsius), then hang out to dry or place in your dryer at a medium setting (no more than 65 degrees Celsius). There is no need to use bleach or liquid fabric softener.

The Organic Cotton Throw is 30% Organic Cotton; 68% Polyester; 2% Silver

Package includes

  • Earthing Cotton Throw 101cm x 165cm
  • Product lead
  • Adapter plug with built in splitter
  • Instructions

  Approx. Dimensions: 101 cm x 165 cm


Please Note: Instructional video references US Standard Plugs/Adapters, however part ships with Australian Standard Plugs/Adapters.


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