Chlorine Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge


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During a shower, your body absorbs more chlorine through your skin and your lungs than it does when you consume it orally, through a glass of water.

We don’t often stop to consider that our water could be making us sick. We compare our water to water found in India, Africa or Cambodia, take in its clear colour and presume we are safe. But did you know that the water you, your children, your partner and your friends drink is actually teeming with chemicals that are harmful and sometimes even toxic. Chlorine is one of the most common chemicals used in our water in an attempt to make it clean and healthy to drink. But Chlorine is dangerous, and when combined with organic matter, it forms THMs, which are harmful to our bodies.

When we shower in the chlorine infested water that pours from our shower heads, we are not only exposing our skin to this harmful chemical, which can cause skin irritation, rashes, dryness and acne, but we are also inhaling chlorine gas, which can damage our bodies and even cause cancer.

The Chlorine Shower Filter is exactly what you need to ensure that the showers you enjoy are free of chlorine. Here, we have available Replacement Shower Cartridges, which remove chlorine from your water for up to 12 months, so that you can enjoy those showers even more.

Replacement Shower Cartridge designed for the Chlorine Shower Filter.

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