Adjustable Earthing Foot & Wrist Body Band


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An adjustable 20cm (8") Earthing Foot/Wrist Body Band is the ideal way to tap into the pain points in your wrists or ankles.  These expandable elastic fabric earthing bands have the earthing conductive silver fibres woven throughout the band. When you wear these bands and they make direct contact with your skin they give you all the benefits of being connected directly to the ground - but in the comfort of your own home or office. NB avoid moisturiser while using bands to ensure you get the best connection possible.

These little bands are fantastic for travelling or when you work from different locations.  You can just slip the band on your wrist or ankle and plug the earthing lead into any earthed powerpoint anywhere. So convenient.  My family take these bands with us when we are visiting our friends or if we are working out of another office.

They are perfect for receiving all the benefits of earthing without having to lug around a big earthing mat or sheet.  You can use them in place of your normal earthing routine - they are not just for direct pain.

These awesome little bands can be used to assist with direct pain for poor circulation in wrists and feet, swelling, bruising, tennis elbow, arthritis. 
A quick summary of earthing - the earth is a massive and I mean massive six sextillion metric ton battery. It is constantly being 'charged' by solar radiation, lightening and the heat rising up through the earth's core.  This 'battery' like that of a car, keeps your body in balance while you are connected to its surface. We can't all be outside 24/7 in barefeet - so this is where the technology of indoor earthing comes into play.
For further information, check out my other site to learn all about the amazing benefits of earthing and why I am so passionate about having every body grounded.


Please Note: Instructional video references US Standard Plugs/Adapters, however part ships with Australian Standard Plugs/Adapters.


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